Sunday, August 30, 2015

Color of Criminality...

Crime has a definite color... and that color is black

And 2007 through 2015 stats are no different...

South Africa Comes to the Western Suburbs...

Savagery in Willowbrook...

beaten, stabbed and sexually assaulted inside her own home in the western suburbs, police say...

Police say around 1 p.m. Saturday a man approached the woman's door in suburban Willowbrook, asked for a favor and when she refused, he then forced his way in and began stabbing her with a knife.
Never open your door to a negro. Ever. A favorite tactic of the negro
criminal is to ask for something, a dollar, a cigarette, anything to
catch you off your guard. If you are ever approached in this manner,
tell them firmly to fuck off.
"There's a guy on the loose that's a real animal out there," said the victim's father, whose identity is being withheld in order to protect the woman's privacy. "If they would see my daughter, they would understand."
Animal, indeed.
 The suspect then started to attack the 26-year-old woman, who was home alone at the time. He stabbed her 16 times, causing several fractured bones in her face. Her father also said the man sexually assaulted her.
   "She's really beat up," he said. "It was a very brutal. Several stab wounds to the face and torso, punches to the face."

 Police say the victim and other witnesses describe the suspect as an African American man around 5-foot-10 weighing between 160-180 lbs. He is around 30-years-old and had his hair pulled back with dread type of curls on the ends.

The suspect's vehicle is described as brown or blue older Nissan Altima with dark tinted windows, no front license plate and a sun visor.
Police departments need to return to racial profiling. If we as a
society were not forced to be sensitive to the savage negroes
fragile feelings, crimes like this would not happen.

Negro's vehicle was a rolling violation machine. Tinted windows
and no front license plate are excuses to be pulled over. And I'm
sure this negro, like most, probably has a record and may have
had other illegal items in his car.

We must demand from our politicians and police brass that we get
the protection we need and indeed pay for. We must demand a
return to racial profiling.

Pray for this woman and her family. Her life will never be the same.



Thursday, August 27, 2015

Muh Dik

Man, this one just can't keep muh dik in his pants...

We have a winner for crazy negro name of the week!
"Chief Keef and his newest baby mama have agreed to name the newborn Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart in order to promote the release of Sosa's double album Bang 3 with FilmOn Music and MondoTunes on September 18," Alki David said in a statement Thursday."
For someone who has outstanding warrants on him in Cook
County for not paying child support for his previous sprogs,
he sure can't seem to stop digging in deeper. Yeah, a real
shocker I know. There's that old lack of impulse control and
future time orientation thing on display again. I'll bet his former
neighbors in Northfield have fond memories of his time there.

We can all hope he'll be an expiring rapper, soon...


Can't Function in a First World Civilization...

Uppity negro attempts to incite a riot in Rogers Park...

Youth Arrested For Biking on Sidewalk a 'Clear-Cut Case of Racism': Witness ..

ROGERS PARK — A man who witnessed a boy's arrest for riding his bike on the sidewalk — after allegedly rapping N.W.A.'s "F--- the Police" — says he stopped to confront the officers because the arrest was "a clear-cut case of racism."
Shevale Evison, 34, said he "knew there was a whole legal matter going on" when he spotted a handcuffed young man standing over his bike in the 1500 block of West Morse Avenue on Aug. 13, so he decided to intervene...
So, negro Perry Mason here knew there be a whole legal matter going down...
He said the boy looked "confused" more than anything, a feeling Evison said he could relate to because in his younger years he, too, had encountered situations with police in which he was "ignorant" of his rights.
"Boy looked confused"... a low IQ can have that effect on you.
Obviously, Shevale is ignorant of more than "rights", he's ignorant
of right and wrong. Alas, that goes for the bulk of his "community"...
Chicago Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the officers "observed a juvenile operating a bicycle in an unsafe fashion and traveling on a city sidewalk, which is not permitted by law."
He added that there had been "complaints regarding bicyclists involved in robbery incidents" in the area and that the juvenile was "taken into police custody to verify his identity and processed for ordinance violations."
So, the police are guilty of noticing things... i.e. doing their job...
Evison believes if the youth  caught riding on the sidewalk had been white, the situation would have ended differently.
I'll have to agree with Shitavious, er , Shevale on this.
A white kid would not be in the same situation because
the white kid would heed the officer's warning, not break the
law in the first place, and not swear at the officer.

And here comes some typical negro reasoning:
"That was a citation, he was supposed to get a ticket for that, not go all the way to jail. That's the same type of scenario that happened with Sandra Bland, she was supposed to have been given a ticket," he said, referring to a Naperville woman who was pulled over in Texas on a minor traffic violation and later died in police custody. "That was the same exact type of situation that happened with Sandra Bland that happened with him, the only thing is he didn't end up dead."
A) Taking the punk to the Police Station is not going to jail.
Kids don't go to 26th and California. Least of all for riding bikes
on sidewalks.

B) Sandra Bland was being belligerent with that police officer
in Texas. If she would just have acted  in a civilized manner and
obeyed that officer's requests, she might have been let off with just
a warning. But no, she had to go all TNB and ended up getting arrested.

C) Bringing up Bland was just a convenient excuse to incite an incident.

D) Blacks never seem to learn from seeing the consequences of
their idiotic actions. (lack of future time orientation, and such)
You mean to tell me that you actually have the time to stop him from riding down the sidewalk on his bike when you could have simply told him, 'OK, did you know that it's illegal to ride your bike down the sidewalk?'" Evison said.
Again, this is why nobody wants to live around negroes.
Their neighborhoods are fucked beyond hope because they
can't follow simple rules and they excuse bad behavior.
And I'm sure young bicycle boy was warned about riding his
bike on sidewalks, but like a majority of blacks, he chose to
flaunt the law.
But Evison said the police officers in the video told him at the scene the boy was really being detained for saying, "F--- the police," the name of a popular N.W.A. song.
That's when Evison decided to "get loud" and create a scene, he said, something he said he wished more people would do when they feel they are seeing someone being mistreated.
So, swearing and taunting a police officer is no big thang. Funny,
for a race that will bring out the guns and knives at the slightest
perceived act of "disrespecting", they don't seem to understand
that respect is earned. But again, earning is akin to work. The
moment Evison decided to "get loud" was the moment he dropped
out of his mother's you know what. And he and his kind have been
crying ever since.

PS.. Rogers Park is another one of those places where White people used to roam...


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Cold War Heats Up...

As a black, gay man and that he was just waiting to explode...

Vester Lee Flanagan II... I'm sure he was someone's IKAGO.


In typical narcissistic negro fashion, he not only murdered these
people while live on the air, but he also filmed it with his sail foam
and posted his heinous act of double murder on Twitter.

A man who was fired from his job as a television reporter two years ago took revenge against the small-town Virginia news station by executing two of his former coworkers on live television, and then posting disturbing first-person video of the attack on social media.
Viewers of WDBJ, a CBS affiliate in Moneta, Virginia, watched in horror this morning as Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, shot dead 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, on live TV as the two were filming a light-hearted segment at 6:45am.
After carrying out the shocking on-air execution, Ward fled and posted video of the attack on social media while also writing about his grudges against the two young journalists in a Twitter rant. 

Flanagan, 41, had 'a long series of complaints against co-workers nearly from the beginning of employment at the TV station,' said Dennison, now an official with the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. 
'All of these allegations were deemed to be unfounded. And they were largely under along racial lines, and we did a thorough investigation and could find no evidence that anyone had racially discriminated against this man.'
This is why nobody wants to hire blacks...
 The conflict described by Dennison in many ways echoed another, in 2000, when Flanagan was fired from a north Florida television station after threatening fellow employees, a former supervisor said.
Flanagan then sued the station over allegations of race discrimination, claiming that a producer called him a 'monkey' in 1999 and that other black employees had been called the same name by other workers.
If you have black co-workers, better keep your guard up...
 Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have spoken out since the tragic shooting this morning, calling for tighter gun controls, with the President adding: 'It breaks my heart every time you read or hear about these kinds of incidents.' 
Yeah, I bet it breaks your heart, Sambo.

Again, around blacks, never relax. There is an ongoing ecar raw in
this country, and it seems that only one side is fighting. Remember
as well, there is no such thing as IKAGO*. Blacks are tribal and your
skin color is your uniform.  Better wake up before you become a
casualty.  If you don't, the chilling photo below could be of you.

* I Know A Good One

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Go Back to Univision!

Why we support Trump...

Cue the Cuckservative outrage in three..two.. one...

Prediction: Yeb! will do an exclusive interview with Ramos tomorrow.
In Espanol, of course...

N.A.P.A. Whine Train...

Spontaneous drunken blackness ruins it for everybody...

Group of black women kicked off wine train after, well, acting like blacks...
“We made it, y'all,” she said on the video Saturday morning, beaming as her friends waved in the background. “Look at us. We are getting ready to get on the wine train.”
Looks at me...
 Johnson continued to chronicle the experience through photographs and videos, showing the members of Sistahs on the Reading Edge, many wearing matching black book club T-shirts, as they clinked wine glasses and ate appetizers.
Sistahs... keepin' it real...
Another passenger scolded the women, saying, “This is not a bar,” according to Johnson's Facebook page.
Oh no she didn't!!!
Train workers told the women that they had to leave because they were too loud. About 1 p.m., they were met by police officers and given a bus ride back to the station.
Johnson blames racial bias — all but one of the book club members on the train are African American. The hashtag #laughingwhileblack, which Johnson used on her Facebook page, has taken off on social media, with many vowing to boycott the wine train.
“We sipped wine, enjoyed each other's company but our trip is being cut short,” Johnson wrote. “If we all laugh at the same time it's loud!”
According to train officials, the women's laughter had prompted complaints, and workers asked them three times to quiet down.
Hey, this isn't public transportation... a certain  degree of decorum
is expected. Since when did they start having tastings of Night Train,
Boone's Farm and Thunderbird?

Wait a minute... this gives me an idea. The CTA can hold "wine
tastings" on the Red Line. We could call it Ripple on the Rails!
And they can serve a block of guvmint cheese as an appetizer.
Think of the revenue possibilities!

Once again, a bunch of ghettopotamuses ruin a good time
for everyone with their complete lack of self awareness...
And if you object to their rancid behavior?   RACIST!!!

The N.A.P.A's invade Napa Valley...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Paging Donald Trump...

Doing the raping that (white) Americans wont do...

Man arrested in Lincoln Park sexual assaults...

Isidrio Valverde, 40, was arrested in Uptown and charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault. He also faces other charges after police say he hit an officer with his car while trying to avoid arrest. That officer was treated at a local hospital and released.
 Investigators said the same man may have tried to sexually assault a woman in the 100-block of West Goethe Street around 12:25 a.m. on Aug. 15 in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.
According to Jeb! Bush, Valverde was just committing some of those
notorious "acts of love" he gushes about.

A more honest candidate for President gave a more realistic
appraisal of the behavior of many illegal invaders... There's a
reason Trump is resonating with the electorate and is leading in
the current polls.


Friday, August 21, 2015

1977 Chicago Film...

Cool 1977 promotional film by the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau...

It's from the late '70's, but the background music has a 1960's
upbeat, jazzy sort of feel to it.  And it's quite a contrast from
today... the people back then were more... ahem.. lighter, shall
we say. Though, to be inclusive, there is a shot of the Billiken

Fun to see a lot of old places that aren't around anymore... And
amazingly, back then, they had this thing called Christmas!


"I'll cut you up white girl."

Police Charge Hate Crime After Woman Bloodied In Front of Kids in Edgewater ...

An actual black on white hate crime? It just can't be...

The chilling details...

Keona Peterson, who lives in the 1000 block of West Foster Avenue, was also charged with four additional felonies, including robbery, aggravated battery, participating in a mob action and unlawful vehicular invasion, police said.
 The 44-year-old victim was admitted into Swedish Covenant Hospital in serious condition, police said, though she did survive the beating and was later released.
 It began with a young boy who seemed to be unaccompanied, first shoving and then punching the woman's daughter and her daughter's friend on the playground, the victim said. She had decided to leave with the girls when the little boy trailed them from the playground. On the other side of the lot, near the swingsets, she saw a woman pushing two girls and asked if the boy was hers, too.  
"She was just shouting, 'Hey you! Hey you white girl! I'll cut you up white girl, this is my territory, my neighborhood, get the f--- outta here! There's thousands of acres for white people, what are you doing coming into my neighborhood?'"
Four more women, apparently friends of the attacker, showed up at the vehicle, which is when the victim said she "got really scared." 
Every white parent's nightmare scenario. When out in public,
treat every negro as you would a wild animal... because that's
what they are. Feral wild animals. Always practice situational
awareness. The sayings "Avoid the groid" and "Around blacks,
never relax" are lifesaving advice.     

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Mandela Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree...

Nelson Mandela’s grandson has been charged with raping a 15-year-old in a toilet in South Africa...

Creepy looking thing...

From the Daily Mail story...

The girl who was allegedly raped by Mbuso Mandela went to the restaurant with friends, South Africa’s Daily Sun quoted her family’s spokesman as saying.
He added: ‘Apparently, she went to the toilet and he grabbed her and raped her inside one of the toilets.’
The website reported that after the alleged attack, Nelson Mandela’s second wife Winnie sent a bodyguard – who posed as a police officer – to the family’s home to intimidate them.
‘Winnie’s bodyguard went to the family pretending to be a cop,’ the family spokesman continued.
 And this bit..
Another one of Nelson Mandela’s grandchildren, Mandla, was convicted of assaulting a 40-year-old motorist during a road-rage incident earlier this year.
And to think the City Council wanted to rename  Cicero Ave. after Mandela...

Where Did YT Go?

AUBURN GRESHAM — In 1965, the invisible red line — marking where African Americans could and could not get mortgages in certain parts of town ...

Some key passages:
But most of their white neighbors immediately fled to the suburbs.
“We did not encounter very much racism other than people were in a hurry to move out,” Fifer said. “You would go to bed and when you woke up in the morning three neighbors would move away.”
And why would their white neighbors flee?
 Together they keep close watch over each other and protect the block that brought them together from the evil that lurks nearby — the open-air dope deals, sidewalk robberies and violent men with guns that surround them.
 In the Gresham police district, there has been a steady stream of drug arrests, burglaries, robberies and violent crime and gun cases for years.
Why, in the Gresham police district (6th district), is there a "steady
stream of drug arrests, burglaries and violent crime and gun cases" ?

“It was 7 in the morning, a year or so ago, and a woman was being chased by a young man who was trying to assault her. Someone heard screaming and we called around on the telephone tree,” Fifer said.
Which brings us back to this quote:
“We did not encounter very much racism other than people were in a hurry to move out,” Fifer said. “You would go to bed and when you woke up in the morning three neighbors would move away.”
Black people tend to exhibit an enormous lack of self awareness.
Cause and effect is a totally foreign concept. Black neighborhoods
tend to be deplorable places simply because a community is just the
sum total of it's inhabitants and their collective actions. It's as
simple as that.

Reminds me of the joke... What word beginning with "N" and ending
with "R" do you never want to call a black person?


Why Segregation Existed...

At a Catholic church in Omaha, Nebraska...

No place is safe from craven dindu crime...
Nebraska used to be one of the least vibrant more.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Conscience of a Cuckservative...

From his campaign's web site...

Meet Jeb

My life changed forever when I was a young man on an exchange program in León Guanajuato, Mexico. Across a plaza, I saw a girl. She spoke little English, and my Spanish was a work in progress. But for me, it was love at first sight. Some people don’t think that’s a real thing—but I know. I couldn’t sleep; I couldn’t eat; I lost 20 pounds. From the moment I got to know her, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.
Wait.. it get's even better...

It took some convincing, but she came around, and in February 1974, we got married at the Newman Catholic Center at my alma mater, the University of Texas. In the years ahead, whether I was changing baby diapers in Caracas, Venezuela, building a business in Miami or leading a state in Tallahassee, Columba has been with me, my best friend in all of life’s challenges and joys. She has brought an order and a purpose to my life that no 17-year-old could have imagined.
This is supposed to inspire the masses to vote for him to be "Leader of the Free World"???!!!
This is what you lead your own web site with? I can hear Putin pissing himself with laughter!

There's a word beginning with P that describes Jeb! perfectly... and it isn't Presidential.
  • Bush, Sr. gave us " Kinder, gentler" cucksevatism.
  • W was " Compassionate" cuckservatism.
  • It seems Jeb! will offer "limp wristed" cuckservatism.

Cuck away, Jeb!

Cradle of Dystopia

Garfield Park 'Our Own Little Iraq....

Yeah, except ancient Iraq, or Mesopotamia, was know as the cradle
of civilization. Modern day Garfield Park, not so much...

"It's scary — it's like we got our own little Iraq over here," said Curley Edwards, who lives across the street from the Van Buren Street shooting. "I been living here 45 years now, and I ain't never seen it like this."

Funny, decades ago when a different demographic inhabited Garfield
Park, it was nothing like "a little Iraq."  

Monday, August 17, 2015

NW Side Continues to Slide into the Abyss...

Shots fired at car on Kennedy Expressway near Sayre...

"A drive-by shooting investigation shut down all lanes of the outbound Kennedy Expressway at the Edens Expressway junction for about three hours during the Monday morning rush."
Outbound Kennedy at Sayre... Harlem and Higgins. Five o'clock AM.
No place is safe anymore...

No Dice...

North Lawndale Shooting During Dice Game...

This sounds like old time negro mayhem...

"Around 9:45 p.m., the two were playing dice in the 1800 block of South Springfield Avenue when two men walked up and shot at them, according to Officer Antoinette Ursetti, a Chicago Police spokeswoman."

Be it the 1940's or 2015, nothing ever changes...

Typical Day in Garfield Park...

"According to Antonietti, Eubanks does not have a valid FOID card or conceal-and-carry license."
Yeah, no shit...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Derbyshire on Cuckesrvatism

Excellent read by John Derbyshire at V-Dare on the failures of modern "con"servativism

Some key excerpts:

"  Our culture has continued to slide giggling into the pit. It is now thirty years since you last heard anyone hum a tune from a current popular song. Concerts of serious music rarely include anything less than half a century old. Very few of us could name a living painter or architect. Entire years pass when no American outside the academy spontaneously quotes a line of verse written by any American poet younger than Elizabeth Bishop (b. 1911), or a British poet younger than Philip Larkin (b. 1922). The middlebrow novel is slipping into extinction. Movies are an extension of the comic-book industry; only TV drama shows occasional flashes of brilliance. The churches are branch offices of Globalist Multiculturalism, Inc.: the Episcopal church in my sleepy, 360-year-old Long Island town advertises Misa en Español. "
And this...

"As I told a roomful of National Review cruise passengers three years ago: You can forget about standing athwart History crying “Stop!” The modern style of career conservatism prefers to run along panting behind the juggernaut squeaking: “Would you mind perhaps just slowing down a teeny bit?”...
Read the entire column at V-Dare (see blog list to the right).

Update: Derb does it again...

From his latest V-Dare column on Trump...

"The reason we Trump supporters like the guy so much is precisely that following the rules has gotten us—us patriotic conservatives—nowhere
Following the rules got us eight years of George W. Bush, who gave us Open Borders, missionary wars, and “When somebody hurts, Government has got to move.” Then it got us eight years of Barack Obama, who gave us Open Borders, Amnesty for foreign scofflaws, radical-left Supreme Court justices, and eighteen trillion dollars of debt."


Friday, August 14, 2015

Fuller Park...

He'll have the double-tap combo with a large Coke...

Never cut in line on a black man at a fast food restaurant.
Two men were hurt by broken glass when shots were fired in a drive-thru line dispute at a South Side Wendy's fast food restaurant late Thursday in Fuller Park."

All Shook Up

Las Vegas..

Shakem got shook... Chicagoans, this is how CCW is done!

"A man who police said was shot dead by a civilian as he tried to rob a woman last week was identified Thursday by the Clark County coroner's office.
Shakem Charles Wright, 19, died from a gunshot wound to the chest, the coroner's office said. His address was unknown."

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Vintage CTA train wreck in 1966 at the Indiana Station on the Howard/Englewood line...

1970 CTA Rapid Transit map...

Footage of the National Guard patrolling the west side during a 1966 negro riot...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dude, Where's My Car?

If you're going to rob Wal-Mart, you better make damn sure you've made your car payments...

"A Zion man was arrested Tuesday and charged with retail theft after his would-be getaway car was repossessed while he was allegedly trying to steal electronics in a Wal-Mart store, according to Round Lake Beach police."

Monday, August 10, 2015

Cat House

Belmont/Austin area..

This used to be a nice area. The heart of the Bungalow Belt. I had relatives that lived a few blocks from where this house is.

The Police Dindu Nuffin

Like all the blacks vs. law enforcement incidents in recent memory, the truth quietly slips out.

All the uproar over his arrest for trying to drink underage and
getting roughed up resisting said arrest, the agents of Virginia's
Alcoholic Beverage Control Department have been cleared of
any wrongdoing.

Note that Martese Johnson is a native of Chicago. As was Sandra
Bland. Perhaps, when our natives go on the road, they should learn
to behave themselves and not look for trouble.

Making a Profit

Black Tranny prostitute belts Chicago alderman...

A 22-year-old man was charged in an attack on Alderman David Moore of the 17th Ward.

Ald. Moore said in a statement that he was responding to a constituent's call about a group of alleged prostitutes in the city's Gresham neighborhood when he was injured."
More black meets LGBT meets politics...

Gresham... one of those neighborhoods where white people used to
roam. Now just a festering mess with bros and hoes on the down-low.

Safe Bet

I really should have called this one earlier. It was all there for those with eyes to see. A woman shooting at a police officer and the fact that it took place in Schaumburg.

"Tamekka Broyles, 31, who was shot by police during the altercation last Saturday, is also charged with aggravated assault and aggravated discharge of a firearm, according to court records."

 And what prompted the chimpout?..

"Broyles allegedly was upset after receiving a text message while at work from her wife saying that she wanted to end their relationship, according to court testimony."

 Black LGBTXYZ chimpout...

The tipoff for me as to the suspect being of the dark persuasion was
Schaumburg. Schaumburg is one of those suburbs that had vibrant
diversity foisted on it when Daley II tore down the projects.
Schaumburg, like unincorporated Main Township (Park Ridge, Niles),
Skokie, Lombard, and Glendale Heights, has large swaths of
apartment complexes. What blogger Countenance (see blog list to
the right) calls "Apartment Farms". These apartments, usually 2-3
bedroom units, were built mostly in the late 1960's through mid '70's
as starter units for middle income white people starting families.
Since middle income white people can not afford to start families in
this age, they became Section 8 warehousing for the black undertow.

 Thanks a lot, Richard M. Daley...

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015


 It's that time again...

Time for the magical apparition of  Bud Billiken. That scholarly
little tyke who beckons the little negro chillins to school.

They had to invent a mythological black kid who loves school,
because in the real world, that's about the rarest of animals.

This year's Bud Billiken Parade takes place on the eve of the
anniversary of the ascension of St. Swisher Sweets of Ferguson, MO.
It will be interesting to see what kind of agitprop will be employed
in commemoration.

What's the over-under on a shooting or riot taking place on the parade route?

Dindu Day in Chicago

Thursday, August 6, 2015

How Can This NOT Work ?

More money to burn... I thought Crook County was broke.. Isn't that
why Toni reinstated the Stroger sales tax?

"Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle joined a peace circle at Southside Together for Power Wednesday after the county committed to $500,000 to fund restorative justice programs "
From the article....
"The county has committed to spending $500,000 on restorative justice programs at the urging of the Community Renewal Society and other groups over the next year. Restorative justice attempts to resolve conflicts in communities before they escalate into something that must be mediated by law enforcement and the courts."

Yeah, resolve conflicts in the  black communities before some
 dindu gets a cap popped into their ass they escalate into something
 that must be mediated by law enforcement and the courts...

Stuck on stupid-justice

Bruised Gender...

"CHICAGO — The city will soon cover sex reassignment surgeries for employees, making it the largest city in the United States to do so, according to the mayor's office...."
The Chi-Tavious Blog has exclusive before and after photos of the
first city employee to receive a taxpayer funded sex reassignment surgery...


 This town just gets more ridiculous...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Great Moments in Chicago History...

Mirth & Girth


This wont end well...

The Chicago Cultural Mile Association says it's organizing what it calls the first-of-its-kind, all-day Chicago Halloween festival that'll end with the nighttime parade. The inaugural event is scheduled for October 24...."

Rahm and the powers that be just like to court trouble. First, last year's idiotic "commemoration" of the anniversary of the Chicago Fire. A complete fiasco with a performance art mock up of a burning house built on a barge in the river. That ironically, wouldn't catch fire. A waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Yes, let's celebrate the death of hundreds).

The problem here is that Rahm and TPTB are trying to cater to the SWPL* crowd, but the city is majority minority. Suburbanites are not going to travel downtown to subject little Justin and Emma to being culturally enriched by vibrant diversity.

Add to that the current climate of the CPD having to make do with less and you have a recipe for disaster. Let's not forget the Detroit tradition of "Devil's Night".

Oh yeah, isn't there already a parade for spooks? I believe it's next Saturday...

*Stuff White People Like (hipsters)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Herbie Rides Again...

Hat tip SCC...

This at least the second time in the last few months he's been busted for being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

In case you're not familiar with Herbie...


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ethnicity, the Final Frontier

Everyone seems to take our progress in extraterrestrial matters for granted. When, in fact, it was the European man who bridged the void between the Earth and terrestra Luna...

It doesn't happen without us....

Choose wisely...

When in Doubt, Always Bet on Black

I'm betting Hitchbot encountered some Philadelphia  dinus playing the knock out game...


Ebonics as a Second Language... (or East Saint Louis, take your pick)

Jared Taylor nails it...

What we've lost sight of... both Chicago and Western Civilization....

Union Station 1940's

And now a Public Service Announcement From the Chi-Tavious Blog...

Time for a musical interlude... Ladies and gentlemen, from formerly lovely Berwyn, IL, The Ides of March..

For you Cubs fans... Joe Pepitone.  Although, I don't know what Joe Pepitone's thing was and I really don't want to know...
Old Time Baseball...
Many people don't think of Ron Santo as Chicago White Sox player...but in 1974, he was...

Vintage Dindu Nuffins...
Randolph St. looking westbound mid 1960's
Jeb!... the Ultimate Cuckservative...

Blacks+House Party=

Austin is one of those places White people used to roam...